Important Disclaimer (IECRO Ireland)

“IECRO Ireland” is a hobby amateur radio club, which consists of individuals who are either employed in the emergency services or have an interest in similar topics.

Any training provided by IECRO or IECRO Ireland is for hobby, personal knowledge or internal organisational administration purposes only. IECRO maintains a record of CPD/training certificates for each member, so that individuals may progress through the IECRO framework, so as to take on other internal roles such as server/security management for our network.

IECRO Ireland is not a front-line emergency services provider/trainer, nor is it a charitable Voluntary Emergency Services deployable organisation for public/police callout purposes. All assets of club are for exclusive IECRO membership or amateur radio community usage. However if the need arises, an IECRO member may of course on their own accord request help from another member or group of members.

On certain occasions, like in many other organisations, members may decide to participate in local/regional community events in order assist charitable groups or volunteer some of their time/skillsets during times of disaster. However, neither IECRO Ireland nor the membership of the club have any legal obligation to provide communications assistance to any member of the public in times of emergencies, either in Ireland or another country. Participation within such activities would be solely at the discretion of the individual member(s) on such occasions.